STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM is based on the approach of educating students in four specific disciplines in an interdisciplinary and applied approach rather than teaching the four disciplines separately. Our STEM curriculum is curated with specific consideration on  how the young mind behaves and reacts during a learning process. It incorporates real world problems, practical solutions  with various experiential challenges and hands-on activities that will encourage the students to analyse (computational thinking and problem-solving), participate (inquiry-based learning) and grow (different life experiences through the integration of the four disciplines) thus enabling the effective teaching and learning  of every imaginable STEM discipline.

STEM 是科学、技术、工程和数学的英文首字母缩写。STEM 的教育理念是采用跨学科和日常应用 的方法把四个特定学科整合,构建起一个能融会贯通的知识体系,而不是分别教导这四个学科。我们的 STEM 课程以年轻人的思维、喜好、需求和学习方式为导向,把现实世界的课题融合至各 种体验挑战和动手实践活动中,将鼓励学生进行分析(计算思维和解决问题)、参与(问题探 究学习法)和成长(通过这四个学科的整合获得不同的生活经验),在课堂内和课堂外皆能进 行任何你能想象得到的 STEM 教学。

Digital Schools


The world of education is changing by the hour and we are trying to implement transformation in the most seamless and flexible way as possible. We have our in-house designer to assist in the layout design, equipment, fixtures, and tables, equipment, technologies, and curriculum resources for these learning spaces. We customize our learning spaces with the main objective of bringing out the best of our teachers and children. Our unique proposition is the ability to bridge the latest relevant education technology to schools and make education technology affordable. We also help schools to achieve effective and sustainable usage of education technology. We don’t believe in merely selling hardware or providing software without ensuring the technology is being used efficiently and sustainably. We ensure the programs and systems run sustainably by providing continuous support, consultation, and training.

教育世界瞬息万变,我们要做的是以无缝与最灵活多变的方式实施转型。我们的内部设计师将 协助进行各个学习空间的布局设计、设备、装潢、桌椅装置、科技搭配以及课程编辑。定制学 习空间的主要目的是促成良好课堂气氛,这才能大限度地发挥教师与学生最优秀的潜能。我们 的主张是把最新的教育科技衔接到学府,并使教育科技普及化。我们还帮助校方实现教育与科 技的有效性及可持续性。我们不相信,仅仅销售硬件或提供软件就能让校方有效地持续使用该 技术;我们认为,只有通过提供持续的支援、咨询和培训,才能保证程序和系统可持续运。



Our curriculum uses real world problems to engage students and contextualize learning that enables every student to program using a virtual robot. With the “hands-on, minds-on” and interactive approach to applied science, technology, engineering and math, in the field of robotics, the learning activities designed will spark students’ imaginations. The curriculum aims to move students progressively toward stronger understanding and, ultimately, greater independence in the learning process. Our program is applicable to teachers and students with little or no programming experience and would like to learn both the fundamentals to programming.

我们的课程利用现实世界中的课题来吸引学生,而情境化学习使每个学生都能使用虚拟机器人 进行编程。在机器人学的领域,我们所设计的教学活动将通过“动手动脑”和互动方式结合科 学、技术、工程和数学的应用,能激发学生的想象能力。我们的课程旨在使学生逐步加深理解 学习内容,并以培养学生的自主学习能力为最终目标。我们的课程适用于几乎没有编程经验也 能学习编程基础知识的教师和学生。

Training & Development


Technology is merely a tool, and  it will only be as effective as the user. Thus, we place great importance on professional training and certification for both teachers and students alike. We understand the critical role that teachers play in the classroom, and that is why we make it a priority to continuously provide training to build teachers’ capacity in teaching with technology. Without qualified and confident teachers, a classroom filled with the most updated technology will not be usefull. We also provide certification for various programs to students with the focus on building skill sets and to encourage creative application. We also offer Google and Microsoft training and certification to teachers and students.

科技仅仅是一项工具,只有为人所用才能发挥效果。因此,我们非常重视对教师和学生的专业 培训和认证。我们把持续提供培训以培养老师的科技教学能力作为优先事项,因为我们知道,教师在课堂上起着关键作用。没有合格和自信的老师,装备了最新科技的教室也终将无法发挥 作用。我们还为学生提供各种课程的认证,重点是发展技能和鼓励创造性的应用。我们为教师 和学生提供 Google 和 Microsoft 的培训和认证。



Initiatives are taken to build and promote social presence in the education field. We organise activities such as camp, short courses, education fair and competition from school to international level every year. We see the importance of activities such as competitions because they offer a chance for participants to gain substantial experience, showcase skills, analyze and evaluate outcomes and uncover personal aptitude. Competitions also encourage students to adopt innovative techniques and develop their ideas and 21st century skill sets.

我们进行了各种旨在教育领域中建立和促进社会化的努力。我们每年都会组织各种活动,例如 假期营、短期课程、教育博览会和各种校际乃至具国际水平的竞赛。我们看到竞赛等活动的重 要性,因为这些活动为参与的学生提供了丰富的经验、展示的技能、分析和评估的能力,以及 发现个人才能的机会。这些竞赛鼓励学生采用创新技术,并开发新的思路与发展 21 世纪技能。

Social Media


Social media has been part of our day to day  life, and integrating the use of it into teaching and learning is more natural than before. Together with educators nationwide, Dynabook has been reaching out to students during the pandemic through Dynabook Malaysia YouTube channel and Facebook group to provide distance learning opportunities and experiences. With the intergration  of social media platforms in education, it provides students with the ease to get more useful information and to learn. With the collaboration with various parties such as the Ministry of Education, we have created more than 100 videos to support students learning from different streams. One of the best outcomes from learning via social media platforms is that learning has become more learner-centric rather than teacher-centric.

社交媒体已经成为日常生活的一部分,将其整合到教学中变得比以往更加理所当然。在疫情期间,莱那与全国各地的教育工作者一同通过 Dynabook Malaysia YouTube 频道和 Facebook 群组 与学生互动,并提供了远程学习的机会。把社交媒体平台应用在教育中,为学生提供了可以获得更多有用信息和学习的机会。通过与教育部等各方的配合,我们制作了超过 100 个视频,让学生可以通过在线直播教学进行学习。利用社交媒体平台进行学习的最佳结果之一是学习已变得以学生为中心的自主式学习,而不再是以教师为中心。



As parents, due to busy schedules, we are left with little choice but to judge our child’s progress with the marks and grades that they get from their exam. But the truth is our child’s progress card hardly reflects their actual abilities.. Many students after completing  and leaving  schools today do not possess the required  skill sets to make them employable. Skills such as analytical thinking, communication, contextual problem solving, are essential in a real working environment. As parents, it is in our hands to help them to achieve their true potential. Our specially designed STEM programs give our children exposures in these required skill sets required in the job market. With these solutions, our children’s dreams and ideas are created with their own hands. Their creativity and desire to learn will guide their learning experience.

作为父母,我们只能用孩子从考试中获得的分数和成绩来判断孩子的学习进展。但事实上,成绩册并不能反映孩子真正的学习情况。目前,许多毕业生正因为没有足够的职场技能,而面对无法获聘的窘境。在实际工作环境中,诸如分析思维、沟通、解决问题等之类的技能非常重要。作为父母,我们可以帮助孩子发挥他们真正的潜力。我们所设计的 STEM 课程,让孩子们可以体验到不同的职业领域。通过这个模式,孩子们将有能力创造出自己的梦想。孩子的创造能力和 学习欲望将来自他们的学习体验。

Schools & Educators


It is important to change the role of teachers and the responsibility of students. The student centered curriculum shifts the responsibility for learning to the student, encouraging each them to be responsible for their own academic success. The teacher becomes the facilitator of students’ learning and interacts with students in a positive and encouraging way.

改变教师的角色和学生的责任也十分重要。以学生为中心的课程,将学习的责任转移给学生,鼓励每个学生对自己的学业成绩负责。教师成为学生学习的推动者,并以积极和鼓励的方式与 学生互动。

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